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Welcome to 2017 HN Global's newsletter

Welcome to 2017 HN Global's newsletter

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2016 was great year for HN Global and we’re happy to see how your students and members of staff have used the platform to complement teaching and support learning. 

The highlights from 2016:

  • More than 3000 students from 297 centres worldwide using HN Global
  • The Study Skills Modules has been voted as the most useful section on the platform
  • The Career Services (Abintegro) has been the second most visited section. Have you seen what content is available on this section?
  • Tutors are key players to spread the word as 57,6% of students became aware of HN Global through them

2017 will be an exciting year for all our users as more content for other subjects is going to be included.
Recently, we have uploaded new programme specifications and more units for the subjects in Engineering, Art & Design, Computing, and Construction. To access these new resources, you need to visit the tutors tab on the top right of HN Global.

If you haven't had the chance to see what HN Global can offer to your students, take a look at the short video we’ve made to give you an overview of the platform. You canwatch the video here
 and feel free to share it with colleagues and students in your college.

In the upcoming months we will start deploying new resources and functionalities in order to provide even better support to the HN Global community.

Until next time,

Matias Sokorai
Community Manager

Higher Education Qualifications
Pearson UK

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