Business and the Business Environment

Learning outcomes

1 Explain the different types of organisations, including their size and scope.

2 Demonstrate the interrelationship of the various functions within an organisation and how they link to organisational structure.

3 Use contemporary examples to demonstrate both positive and negative influence/ impact the macro environment has on business operations.

4 Determine the internal strengths and weaknesses of specific businesses and explain their interrelationship with external macro factors.

Marketing Essentials

Learning Outcome 

1 Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation 
2 Compare ways in which organisations use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve overall business objectives 
Develop and evaluate a basic marketing plan 

Human Resource Management

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit a student will be able to:

1 Explain the purpose and scope of Human Resource Management in terms of resourcing an organisation with talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives.

2 Evaluate the effectiveness of the key elements of Human Resource Management in an organisation.

3 Analyse internal and external factors that affect Human Resource Management decision-making, including employment legislation.

4 Apply Human Resource Management practices in a work-related context.